• Contract CDD (3 years)
  • Location Nantes
  • Working time Full time

Olgram biotech company

Olgram is an early stage biotechnology company, that fights against antibiotic persistence by developing 2 programs: i) the discovery and development of new anti-infectives and ii) the development of immunostimulatory molecules based on new chemical entity found in algae. The research activities are organized around 2 research centers, one in Rennes and one in Nantes.

The successful candidate will work in Nantes, to perform the non regulatory preclinical experiments in the context of the development of new anti-persister molecules. The company has the ambition to strongly grow in the near future and become a leader in this field of antibiotic persistence.

To enable the further development of the company Olgram combines several state-of-the art skills with approaches in clinical pharmacology, immunology and microbiology, which enables development of innovative molecules and unique and original therapies.

Terms and conditions

We offer a 3 years position, with the possibility of an extension and permanent position, based on a positive evaluation of the progress, personal capabilities and compatibility. Salary will be competitive and will vary according to experience and negotiation. Special missions within Olgram company could entitle you to extra allowances based on funding.

Selection criteria

  • Experience in microbiological techniques/assays
  • Experience with in vitro experiments and/or molecular biological techniques
  • Strong interest in antimicrobial drug research;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Independence in conducting experiments and organizing schedules
  • Interested in participating in the life of the laboratory and the company.


We discovered new molecules with new and unique anti-infective properties, notably the ability to specifically destroy persistent bacteria. Now the is looking to further develop those molecules and more specifically it will be the role of the successful candidate to help performing all non regulatory experiments to develop the molecule into a drug.



We create a company that will save the life of many patients while creating a virtuous industrial process.

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Our pipeline: Delivering first-in-class immunotherapies of activation and regulation. We develop 2 different classes of therapeutic molecules in our 2 areas of expertise within our proprietary research platform: immunology and infectiology.

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