Researcher in immunology


  • Contract CDI
  • Location Archamps
  • Working time temps plein
  • Salary compétitif
  • Remote 1 jour par semaine
  • Education PhD
  • Experience Après au moins un post doc

Olgram biotech company

Olgram biotech company: Olgram is a biotechnology company, that fights against antibiotic persistence by developing 2 programs: i) the discovery and development of new anti-infectives and ii) the development of immunostimulatory molecules based on new chemical entity found in algae. The research activities are organized around 2 research centers, one in Nantes and one in Archamps.

We are looking for a passionate cell biologist (eucaryotes) with expertise in molecular biology to contribute to our ongoing projects to create new drugs to cure immune diseases. The ideal candidate will play a key role in the design and execution of experiments, contribute to data analysis, and work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team of scientists to drive forward our mission of creating new tools to fight the chronicity of infectious diseases.

To enable the further development of the company Olgram combines several state-of-the art skills with approaches in clinical pharmacology, immunology and microbiology, which enables development of innovative molecules and unique and original therapies.

Terms and conditions

We offer a permanent position, and a competitive salary. Special missions within Olgram company could entitle you to extra allowances based on funding.

Selection criteria

Key Responsibilities:

In vitro eucaryote cell biology Research: Lead and support research projects focused on deciphering the mechanism of action of our new chemical entity on the immune system, including but not limited to different and optimization of primary and cell line culture, OMICS techniques, CRISPR/Cas9.

– Experimental Design: Develop and execute experiments to investigate genetic elements, pathways, and mechanisms related to our biotechnology initiatives.

– Data Analysis: Analyze experimental data, interpret results, and contribute to the development of scientific reports and publications.

– Collaboration: Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to integrate genetic insights into biotechnology applications.

– Laboratory Management: Maintain laboratory equipment, ensure compliance with safety protocols, and help with inventory management.


– Ph.D. and/or post-doctorate in cell biology or a related field.

–  Knowledge in immunology would be a plus

– Proven experience cell biology, genetic engineering, and related techniques.

– Strong knowledge of molecular biology techniques, gene expression analysis, and gene editing technologies.

– Proficiency in data analysis and relevant software tools.

– Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

– Strong problem-solving abilities and a commitment to scientific rigor.



We create a company that will save the life of many patients while creating a virtuous industrial process.

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Our pipeline: Delivering first-in-class immunotherapies of activation and regulation. We develop 2 different classes of therapeutic molecules in our 2 areas of expertise within our proprietary research platform: immunology and infectiology.

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