Olgram is a biotechnology company fighting against chronic infectious diseases by developing two programs:

1) A new immunostimulatory drug thanks to a molecule found in algae
2) A new class of anti-infectives to specifically eliminate dormant (persistent) bacteria


We use artificial intelligence and explore the marine environment in order to find unique solutions to specifically eliminate the origin of the recalcitrance of bacterial infectious diseases

Persister cells are a subpopulation of transiently dormant bacteria responsible of infectious relapses and recently associated with chronic infection and treatment failure. In addition this persistence is associated with antibiotic resistance that is spreading globally, threatening our ability to treat common infectious diseases with the worldwide number of deaths that could reach 10 million per year by 2050.

Our unique molecules and positioning allow us to develop a drug to cure chronic infections by eliminating the pathogen responsible for the relapses.


Products inspired from the oceans remain largely untapped sources for the discovery of new anti-infectives and immunostimulatory molecules thanks to its diverse and competitive environmental factors. They harbor diverse, uncharacterized and potential new sources of compounds. Exploring these new natural resources led us to the discovery of 2 new promising molecules to fight chronic infectious diseases with key unique biological properties

Olgram algues

Our history

April 2021

Olgram designed as Gold company by the European Investor Network.

Olgram designed as Gold company by the European Investor Network


April 2020

Olgram receive the support from the Britanny region via its Inno R&D collaborative.

March 2020

Pre Seed fund raising of 1.5m to develop the new molecule and unique tools necessary to the study of the chronicity of infections.

December 2019: Foundation of Olgram

Creation of Olgram, Spin off of the Olmix group.

June 2019: the project is awarded with grand laureate I-Lab price of the BPIFrance

The project MAPOLI (Marine Polysaccharides for Immunity) is granted grand Lauréat for the 2019 edition of the i-Lab competition


2017-2019 :preclinical collaborations with research institutes led to the discovery of the molecules involved in the immunostimulation

Biochemical research in USA and Europe led to the discovery of the molecules involved in the modulation of the immune system called the Marine Sulfated Polysaccharides (MSP)

Research between Olmix group and University of Nantes and Rennes 1 are engaged to study the effect of MSP and other molecules on the immune system and pathogens in relevant clinical models. Preclinical studies show very promising results on immunodepressed and infected models and patents are filled.

2016 Discovery of a new molecule by the Olmix Group in Algae

The Olmix group and the French National Public Institute for Agronomic Research (INRAe) have collaborated to demonstrate the effect of algae on the modulation of immune mediators in cellular models and in animals, including the identification of the metabolic pathways involved in this activation (Berri et al. 2016 and 2017).