Our programs Traumatic
Brain Injury

We develop molecules and an associated biomarker to cure immune diseases after a traumatic brain injury

Our programs Anti-Infective

We develop new anti-infectives to cure chronic infections by destroying the bacteria at the root of the relapses

Our programs Carbon

The industrial process to create some of our drug candidates will absorb important quantities of CO2

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Our vision

A world where saving lives will also save the living

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Our pilars We save lives

We develop new drugs to cure immune diseases and infections thanks to molecules discovered in algae.

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Our programs

Our pipeline: Delivering first-in-class immunotherapies of activation and regulation. We develop 2 different classes of therapeutic molecules in our 2 areas of expertise within our proprietary research platform: immunology and infectiology.

Our team

Olgram relies upon its international and complementary team of experts involved in research, drug development, pharmaceutical and industrial sucesses to develop the next immunotherapies.


Join an international stimulating and collaborative environment of academic and industrial partners.

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We will be present at the following events, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to meet.

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